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Student Activity Fee Hearing Schedule

Student Activity Fee Hearings

All departments receiving a student activity fee will give a presentation annually to the Student Activity Fee Advisory Board during a hearing session. The presentation will provide an overview of how the fee allocation is used to enhance student engagement and/or student success at Boise State University. Auxiliaries receiving student fees may be invited to give an informational presentation to the Board, though it will not be required.

Requests for fee increases or new student activity fees will be considered each year and must demonstrate the impact on student engagement and/or student success.

Agendas for SAFAB hearing sessions are published in advance. Presentations to SAFAB are open to the public and provide an opportunity for student testimony. SAFAB may elect to hold closed sessions to deliberate and develop allocation recommendations.

Student Activity Fee Timeline

October 26: Campus invitation to submit student fee allocation reports and requests.
November 16: Reports and requests due.
November 26 and 27: Campus units present reports and requests to SAFAB.

Hearing Schedule

Monday, November 26, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Student Union Building, Hatch A Ballroom

  1. Blue Thunder Marching Band                                         Joe Tornello
  2. School of the Arts                                                           Kathleen Keys
  3. Theatre, Film and Creative Writing                                 Richard Klautsch
  4. Career Center                                                                 Debbie Kaylor
  5. ASBSU                                                                            Angela Aninon
  6. Department of Public Safety                                           Samuel Patterson
  7. College of Education                                                       Richard Osguthorpe
  8. Campus Recreation                                                        TBA
  9. Student Involvement and Leadership Center                  Charlie Varland
  10. Gender Equity Center                                                    Adriane Bang

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Student Union Building, Hatch A Ballroom

  1. Student Diversity and Inclusion                                           Francisco Salinas
  2. Center for Global Education                                                Keith Quatraro
  3. Health Services                                                                   Tara Brooks
  4. Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability                 Kat Davis
  5. Campus Services                                                                 Nicole Nimmons
  6. Scholarships                                                                         Diana Fairchild
  7. Athletics and Spirit Squad                                                    Curt Apsey
  8. Alumni Relations                                                                   Lauren Hamilton
  9. Student Media                                                                       Jenn Fields
  10. Office of Information Technology                                        Max Davis-Johnson

Requesting departments have up to 10 minutes to present their fee request and reports.
Presentations are open to the public and provide an opportunity for student testimony. Students
wishing to comment are asked to provide a written copy of their testimony upon arrival and to
limit comments to 3 minutes.

Giving Testimony

If you wish to comment and give testimony, you will be asked to sign-up at the check-in table upon arriving. You will also be asked to provide a written copy of your testimony which will become part of the official record for the hearing.

Please note that times may be approximate for each hearing.

Questions? Contact SAFAB Chair Kaleb Smith at