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Executive Council

Executive Council standing outside next to the Giant B statue


The role of the Executive Council is to manage the internal and external affairs of ASBSU.  This includes anything from public relations to spending money to collaborating with university administrators to ensure that the student voice is being considered in decisions at Boise State.

Executive Council Members

Six students are elected each spring to serve on the Executive Council: President, Vice President, Assembly Speaker, Secretary of Academic Affairs, Secretary of External Affairs, and Secretary of Student Organization Affairs. A Chief of Staff is also appointed to serve on the Executive Council as the expert on the financial affairs of ASBSU.


Executive Council meetings for Fall 2015 will be held at 4:30 pm, on Mondays, in the Student Union Building.  The specific rooms can be found on any of the reader boards in the Student Union.

Minutes for the 2015-2016 School Year

8/17 hours PDF, 8/24 hours PDF, 8/31 hours PDF, 9/14 hours PDF, 9/21 hours PDF, 9/28 hours PDF, 10/05 hours PDF, 10/14 hours PDF, 10/19 hours PDF, 10/26 hours PDF, 11/02 hours PDF, 11/9 hours PDF, 11/16 hours PDF, 11/30 hours PDF, 2/07 hours PDF