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Summer Construction and Maintenance Plans

Summer Construction and Maintenance Plans

Construction and maintenance usually takes place on campus after spring semester when it affects fewer people.  Several projects are slated for this summer.

Administration Building Elevator Renovation – May 20 – July 21

The elevator in the Administration Building will be closed for renovation. Be prepared to take the stairs when needing to access floors above the main level. If you need assistance in accessing the building please call Facilities, Operations and Maintenance at (208) 426-1409.

Gene Bleymaier Football Complex Construction – May 20 – June

Construction related to the completion of the Gene Bleymaier Football Complex will close Cesar Chavez Lane from the west stadium to east stadium parking lot entrances. Motorists are asked to use University Drive to access campus from the east. The shuttle bus will be rerouted through the west stadium parking lot to the east stadium parking lot and will make all regular stops except the Christ Chapel stop, which is temporarily closed.

Student Union Building First Floor Dining Remodel – May 20 – August

The Student Union Building first floor dining area will undergo remodeling. Some carpentry noise is expected.  The remodel includes all new furniture, flooring, booths, ceiling, TVs and fresh paint.

Parking Lot Resurfacing and Closure – Through August

Many of the campus parking lots will be inspected for safety, cleaned and seal-coated. The lots will be closed to vehicles while they are being improved. The first lot affected is the Theater Arts and Scene Shop parking lot.

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