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ASBSU Run-off Election Results

The results of the 24-hour ASBSU tie-breaking election for the 2018-2019 President and Vice President are in!
The online, run-off election saw a total of 2,229 voters or 11.04% of eligible voters.
Your 2018-2019 President and Vice President are Kaleb Smith and Emily Rembert with total votes of 1,134 (50.87%).
Tanisha Newton and Dalton Tiegs received 1,085 total votes (48.68%).
There were also 5 write-in votes for other names as well as 5 votes of “abstain.”

2018-2019 ASBSU Election Results

President and Vice President: TIE. Tanisha Newton and Dalton Tiegs. Kaleb Smith and Emily Rembert. Total votes – 886 each (50% each).

               Secretary of Student Organization Affairs: Veronica Camargo. Total votes – 903 (56.23%).                        Lauren Burns. Total Votes – 703 votes (43.77%)

                        Secretary of Academic Affairs: Mikayla Melchert. Total votes – 906 (53.26%).                                             Haydn Bryan. Total votes – 795 (46.74%)

Secretary of Community Relations: Esperansa Gomez. Total votes – 1503 (100%)

*Tie Breaking Protocol can be found here: Tie Breaking Protocol

Constitutional Amendments: Articles III, V, VIII

                      All amendments made to the constitution passed on March 21, 2018. With 527 votes cast;                              486 votes in favor of the amendments and 41 against. 


The Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) is the official student government at Boise State.  ASBSU has two core purposes:
  1. Facilitate educational, intellectual, social, and cultural engagement at the University
  2. Advocate for the interests of students at the University.

All fee-paying students are members of ASBSU.  ASBSU gets its money from a student fee each semester, and uses this money to fund student clubs and organizations and other initiatives on campus.

Our Structure

ASBSU is run entirely by students, for students.  Students are elected or appointed to various bodies, including the Student AssemblyExecutive Council,  Student Funding Board (SFB), Student Ethics Officer, Chief of Staff, Communication Officer, Student Lobbyist, and various university committees. In an effort to be transparent and accountable to students, ASBSU posts all documents from the Student Assembly and the Executive Council online. SFB recordings are available upon request.

The Student Ethics Officer also exists to hold ASBSU accountable by ensuring that ASBSU officers act in accordance with the governing documents of ASBSU as well as the Boise State Student Code of Conduct.The Student Ethics Officer responds to any complaints related to ASBSU.

Governing Documents of ASBSU

ASBSU Constitution  –  Election Code   –  Ethics Code  – Financial Code –  Executive Code   –  Assembly Code