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Check out our thermometer, it shows how much we have funded for clubs and individuals so far!

Raised $52,991 towards the $294,000 target.

Applications can be filled out following the steps below.

1. Download the appropriate template below and fill out all expenses to the best of your ability. If you have already created a separate excel sheet, make sure to add all necessary parts to your document.
Event Funding
Travel Funding

2. Complete our Application by clicking HERE.


For regular events, we request that you get your grant request into us about 3-4 weeks in advance to make sure we have time to review it. If the event is more complicated and involves travel, large contracts with off-campus parties, etc., we would like to have the information 6-8 weeks in advance. This will ensure you have enough time to fill out all the forms needed by the University.


The SFB is made up of the Ethics Officer, the Chief of Staff, the Secretary of Student Organization Affairs, and 4 students officers who are hired for the purpose of allocating funding based on grants received.  The SFB meets once a week during the school year to hear grant requests. Individual SFB Officers work one-on-one with grant applicants to make sure that they are prepared for the grant review process.

Grant Types

Direct Club Grant

Direct Club Grants are available to clubs currently recognized through the Boise State Student Involvement and Leadership Center as sponsorships for events and activities. Clubs are eligible for up to $4000 each fiscal year.

Joint Club Grant

Joint Club Grant of up to $8,000 are available for events and activities when two or more student organizations are organizing the event or activity. Receiving a Joint Club Grant does not affect an organization’s eligibility for Direct Club Grants.

Individual Student Grant

Individual Student Grants are available to fee-paying students for participation, research, or education in areas outside his or her current class work. Up to $400 can be awarded.

If you have any questions or need help applying, please email us at