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ASBSU Logo Supports unique, signature events that bring students together, and are campus traditions. ASBSU promotes cooperation between clubs, and sponsors student participation in conferences.

Types of Sponsorship

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Funded: $161,981direct funding
Unique and inclusive events organized by clubs. Groups are eligible (but not entitled) to receive $4,000 throughout the year.

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Funded: $22,346joint funding
Innovative events for the campus and community hosted by two or more clubs. Each event is eligible for up to $8,000 in sponsorship.

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Funded: $2,770individual funding
Sponsorship of trips or projects for individual students. Each student is eligible (but not entitled) to receive $400 throughout the year.

Best Practices for Applying

checklist iconDescribe Your Event/Project

  • Be short and direct.
  • When and where is the event?
  • What is your goal for the event?
  • What are you asking ASBSU to sponsor?
  • How many people are attending/participating

watch iconTimeline for applying

funding timeline

watch iconBudget

  • Be specific.
  • Know where you’ll be making purchases.
  • Contact the secretary of Student Organization Affairs about what can and cannot be funded.
  • Use the ASBSU tamplate provided.

Application Process

  1. Prepare your budget using the REQUIRED ASBSU template (below) and submit your grant request on Orgsync.
  2. Attend your scheduled hearing with the Student Funding Board to describe the event, project, or trip.
  3. If approved, submit expense request (travel request and cosponsorship agreements if necessary) to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
    • note icon Note: Applications are due every Tuesday to be scheduled for a hearing a week from the next Friday.
  4. If you have any questions or need help applying, please email us at

A Model Grant

checklist iconDescription of the event/project, including when it will take place

Phi Eta Sigma will be hosting an induction to welcome new members for the 2014-15 year. We’ll be providing a catered dinner (from Aramark) for our memebers as well as renting equipment from Conference Serices. We’re asking ASBSU to fund a portion of the catering expenses. The induction is on March 14, 2015. We expect 100 people to attend. Our goal is to create a unique evening to recognize the academic achievement of our members and encourage the engagement with our organization during their college experience.

watch iconTimeline for applying

  • The event is on March 14, 2015
  • The grant should be submitted no later than February 7 (5 weeks).
  • If submitted by February 7, the hearing would be scheduled for February 20 (Fridays at least 10 days after submission).
    • note icon Note: This could take longer depending on the volume of grants during any given week.